Zoom Interview? Yes – You Still Need to Email A Thank You

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Don’t underestimate the importance of a thank-you note following your interview. In this transition from in-person to virtual, it may seem  as though this follow-up is not as important or necessary as it once was.  Not so. A thank you email, and it’s sincerity, are just part of the total package that helps the decision-maker select the right candidate. The timing of your response after the interview measures your interest and excitement for the position, (no more than 24 hours after your interview).

It’s about expressing your gratitude yet being authentic in your writing, whether your approach is a more formal response or a bit more relaxed. But don’t over complicate it – this really is a situation where it’s the thought that counts.

Still confused? Read on for some great tips and time-saving templates that will make this small but oh so important effort, easier.

Thank the interviewer for their time:

Dear __________,

“Thank you for taking the time to interview me (yesterday, Tuesday etc).

I want to convey my interest and excitement in hearing the details over our Zoom call”.

** Personalize your thank you by referencing a specific problem, situation or skill the interviewer stated that was especially important to fill the role. Emphasize that this is one of your strong points.

“From our discussion, I have a better understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of the role. I feel confident my cumulative years of experience in ___________  will  result in a positive contribution to improve the issues ________ discussed in our interview”.

A more informal example:

David – 

“I want to thank you for the interview and conversation regarding your open position. Through our discussion I now have a full understanding of the role, it’s expectations and opportunities. I can’t wait to hear back regarding next steps.  If there is anything I missed or did not convey in our interview that you need to make your hiring decision, please contact me!”

Even if you are not interested in the position, send a note regardless. It is still courteous to express appreciation for the time spent. Plus, you never know when things might change – perhaps the position does not work for you now but maybe that one or another may in the future.

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