Why Do You Want This Job?

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This question could really come at any point in your interview. Wherever it’s entrance – give it some good thought so you’re ready with a response that shows you are excited about the position and company.

During your prep, match your skills to the role, understand how the role will benefit you and what the company has to offer. You might also want to think about what to expect in a job interview concerning the company and the industry:

Your experience and achievements: The likelihood of getting the job can sometimes depend on your prior experience and what you have achieved in previous roles. This will provide the interviewer with insight into your skills which is incredibly important to relate back to the question. You can go into more details of your experience and skills when you answer for a job interview, such as:

What do you bring to the role: Aside from your qualifications – what other experiences or traits do you have that would complement the company and the position? Travel experiences, charity/volunteer work or even strong communication or applicable soft skills that tie heavily into the core position or job description.

The “right” fit: A key thing for managers to consider when adding a new person to the team is the cultural fit. So tell the interviewer – why are You, the “right” fit? Confidence, competence, leadership, maturity, cumulative experience, hindsight, empathy, your management style, mentorship experience that has given you a passion to help others grow and develop in their roles – the list is endless.

  1. How to answer the question

The examples below offer different ways to start answering ‘Why do you want this job?’. Remember that you are simply giving the reasons why you want the job and why you would be a good fit for the company.

  • ‘This opportunity is really exciting for me as I will be able to…’
  • ‘I see the role as a way of developing my career in a forward-thinking/well-established company/industry as…’
  • ‘I feel I will succeed in the role because I have experience in/softs skills that demonstrate/ I’ve taken this course…’
  • ‘I believe my skills are well-suited to this job because…
  • How it will develop and challenge your skills
  • Why the company appeals to you

5. Avoid Mentioning…..

Below are a few examples of what not to say when answering the question.

  1. Appearing desperate – ‘I need a job’ – this comes across as quite a desperate answer and lacking regard for the job and the company, you need to be able to say why you are right for the role to prove your value.
  2. ‘The money appealed to me’ – this can place harsh emphasis on your motivation to apply for the role. Salary and benefits are key things to consider when looking for a role, but by discussing this so early on may damage your profile.
  3. ‘This is a great step for me before my next career move’ – this is a big red flag to a hiring manager if you already show an intention to move on from the role before you’ve even got it.

Prepare for this question by what appeals to you about the position, what you like and respect about the company and why you are the person to do the job. Include specifics in your responses to back your examples and lean into your confidence – the interviewers will see and hear your excitement and passion!

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