Top Four Things Interviewers Look For

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Aside from your ability to do the job, employers want to know that you are going to easily fit into the culture of the company. They want to know how you will impact the organization based on the alignment of how your values match the company’s, your beliefs and behaviors. The actual definition can vary widely from company to company – so it can end up being more subjective than an outright objective benchmark. Similarly, you could liken this train of thought to the phrase; “like attracts like”. It is not a one-sided concept, though. As a candidate, you want to feel like you meld with the people and company as a whole. This can be established by doing your homework, for example finding current news articles on viable sites, reading employee reviews and taking time to really analyze how you align with the company’s mission statement and goals off their website. Another suggestion, ask good questions in the interview, such as, what the interviewers most like about their job or the company or why the position is open.


Stories That Illustrate Your Success

Communicating clear examples of your accomplishments is the best way to convince the interviewer you can do the job without them actually witnessing a live performance. Out of all the ways you can prepare, this is probably the most important. Choose a few examples of successful outcomes, for example; a project you managed, a process you improved or the results of your stellar customer service skills. Sit down and really put some time into dredging up details on your successful results. You don’t have to recite everything in one response – the additional information can be used for follow-up questions. The more specific your answers, the more trust you build with the interviewer. Your details provide proof that what you said is true and from the interviewer’s point-of-view, validates your ability to fill the role successfully.



If you’ve ever had the chance to conduct an interview and your candidate was not, shall we say, chatty – you understand the importance of showing your personality in an interview. Pulling teeth is the phrase that readily comes to mind when trying to get a quiet candidate to talk. But knowing what is too much or too little in regard to conversing in your interview is a tough line to ride. A job interview is definitely a more formal affair but not so much that you should be downright serious. Now that most interviews are conducted virtually, it is harder to get a read on the candidate and because the video connection can be spotty, it may be difficult for the conversation to flow smoothly. IT difficulties aside, the interviewer will notice your efforts. Focus on keeping your voice upbeat and mixing up your responses with concise, descriptive phrases and some humor with a more natural tone. Showing your personality creates a connection between the interviewer and you. Putting time into your preparation helps you to relax – when you relax, you’re more likely to smile. It’s a domino-effect, preparation is the key.


Convey That You Want the Job

Believe it or not – interviewers can actually leave an interview, (shut down the screen), and wonder if the candidate is really interested. When conversing with the interviewer, don’t be afraid to express your interest in the job. Weave comments  through your responses that let the interviewer know you like what you heard, “that sounds great” or “that sounds similar to the responsibilities I had in my last job, which I really enjoyed.” Here are some additional comments you can express that reflect your abilities versus your personal interest in the position. If you use both intermittently, you’ll leave no doubt in the interviewer’s mind that you’re interested. 

  • Here’s what I can do for you
  • I’m reliable
  • I’m motivate and enthusiastic
  • How can I best help? What are your top priorities for this role?
  • And finally – Yes, I’m very interested


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