Thank You Notes After An Interview-Do They Matter?

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Yes, yes and yes! An Interview Thank You Note Does matter. Whether one was sent or not can be the deciding factor when trying to choose between two equally qualified candidates.

In this day and age, where technology is developing faster than we can keep up, how is it that something so antiquated and traditional could actually impact your job interview?  This is because sending a thank-you email or card by mail signifies your interest as well as your recognition of etiquette.  It shows respect for the people that interviewed you and that you took the time out of your busy schedule to communicate your interest and appreciation.

So which option is the better choice, email or an actual thank-you card sent by mail?

If you have time to send a physical thank-you note card, that gesture still impresses. Otherwise, sending a thank-you via email is perfectly acceptable.  You can craft it as soon as you get home from the interview or up to two days after, max.

So what do you say in a thank-you card?

The whole note should be no more than 3-4 sentences.  Thank the recipient, or recipients, if there was more than one and a separate thank-you for each. Next, thank them for their time, perhaps refer to a conversation or subject that was especially interesting in the interview, express or reiterate your interest in the position and list your contact information.  It’s ok if the structure of the note is a little formal, better that than too casual.

And remember, all of this work of researching job sites, sending resumes, waiting for responses, interviewing and writing thank-notes is your short-term status.  Although it can seem like you will never be hired, you will.  Seek out people or resources that inspire you to keep up your morale.

Good Luck!

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