No. 1 Behavior to Avoid When Interviewing

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According to an article by CNBC, (Jenna Goudreau 5/30/17), the No. 1 mistake job candidates make when interviewing is displaying low energy. This equates to behaviors like, slumped shoulders, poor eye contact, too long of a delay when responding to questions, not smiling, leaning back in a chair, and a seemingly overall lack of confidence.

To avoid making these same mistakes does not mean cranking your enthusiasm beyond the point where it feels unnatural. Often, a candidate may try to match the mood or energy of the interviewer. That’s a sensible tip to a certain extent but not to the extreme that your interviewers question your interest about the position. As with most things, moderation is the key. Let your enthusiasm come through in whatever way that means for you. Leaning slightly forward toward the interviewers conveys interest, asking additional questions outside the back and forth structured format and even expressing interest upon the close of the interview.

Additionally, the easiest way to show you are interested and excited to be there is by smiling. You can start by smiling in your car on the way to the interview, (really!). It seems silly, but will instantly lift your mood and boost your confidence. And for the final tip, and most importantly – be you. You will be hired for who you are and the way your skills and talents can contribute to the company. Now, who wouldn’t get excited about that?!

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