InterviewOne was created to help the busy job seeker by arming them with tools and current information to increase their comfort level and overall confidence walking into a job interview. Utilizing technology that we all have access to (Wi-Fi and Laptop), candidates are able to schedule these sessions at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Interview Coaching Boost Package

A customized package for all levels from beginner to seasoned professional.

(5) 45-minute sessions – $1,499

(5) 45-minute sessions – $1,499

This is an incredible opportunity to prepare on a deeper level. This concentrated preparation package will quickly help you gain insight into your core strengths and competencies. Once identified, you’ll practice incorporating these into solid, informative, organized responses – exactly what the interviewers are looking for!

What the sessions will cover:

  • Initial intake.  A thorough discussion and inventory of the areas in an interview you want to improve. You will receive measurements and results on vital career success components, such as; work productivity, teamwork, leadership and soft skills.
  • Discovery of strengths, abilities and weaknesses as well as self-discovery and a deeper insight into how you work, manage and communicate. Upon completion of this session, you will be able to integrate your strengths into solid responses that give your interviewer a true understanding of your capabilities and value.
  • Behavioral questions – learn the art of storytelling! You will learn and practice how to structure and organize answers to behavioral/situational question.
  • Other common interview or industry-specific questions you struggle with.
  • Mock interview – practice makes perfect! Use your new skills and tools to bring it all together!

Sessions conducted via Skype or phone.

Individual interview coaching and preparation session.

45-minutes –  $350

This session is designed for:

  • Those looking for input and expertise on one or two specific areas
  • Last minute brush-up
  • Job seekers wishing to polish up interview skills
  • Candidates pressed for time
  • Mock interview practice

Sessions conducted via Skype or phone.

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