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A customized package for all levels from beginner to seasoned professional.

(4) 60-minute sessions – $450

(4) 60-minute sessions – $450

This is an incredible opportunity to prepare on a deeper level. This concentrated preparation package will quickly help you gain insight into your core strengths and competencies. You will learn what the interviewer is looking for and how to answer various types of questions. Each session builds on the next to create a strong foundation and your own toolbox of stories, examples and competencies. This allows you to respond to any question confidently – exactly what interviewers are looking for!

What the sessions will cover:

  • Initial intake.  A thorough discussion and inventory of the areas in an interview you want to improve.
  • Discovery of strengths, abilities and weaknesses as well as deeper insight into how you work, manage and communicate. Upon completion of these sessions, you will master integrating your strengths into solid responses that give your interviewer a true understanding of your capabilities and value.
  • Behavioral questions – learn the art of storytelling! You will learn and practice how to structure and organize answers to behavioral/situational questions.
  • Other common interview or industry-specific questions you may struggle with.
  • Mock interview – practice makes perfect! Use your new skills and tools to bring it all together!

Sessions conducted via Skype or phone.

1hr – Individual interview coaching and preparation session.

2hr – Individual interview coaching and preparation session.

One hour session  – $150
Two hour session –  $270

These sessions are designed for:

  • Those looking for input and expertise on one or two specific areas
  • Last minute brush-up
  • Job seekers wishing to polish interview skills
  • Candidates pressed for time
  • Self-introduction or mock interview practice

Sessions conducted via Skype or phone.

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