There is nothing like a mock interview to get you ready for the job.

The Interview Coach

 InterviewOne was created to help the busy job seeker by arming them with tools and mock interview practice to increase their comfort level and overall confidence walking into a job interview. Utilizing technology that we all have access to (Wi-Fi and Laptop), candidates are able to schedule these sessions at a time and place that is convenient for them.

All coaching packages include:

  • One-on-one personalized mock interview coaching
  • A preparation checklist
  • A write-up of the mock interview session
  • Industry and career information handout
Interview Coach - Karen Tucker - InterviewOne

Why My Clients Choose InterviewOne

Recent Graduates

  • Learn what to expect
  • Practice non-verbals
  • Leverage college experiences
  • Practice and increase confidence


Five Things Hiring Managers Want You to Know
  • Excel at the job but not the interview
  • Showcase your skills and experiences
  • Explain why they are qualified
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself

Career Changers

  • Use experience to your advantage
  • Refresh interviewing skills
  • Receive skill update suggestions
  • Showcase your abilities

Interview with Confidence

Confident interviewing is a teachable skill! Apply InterviewOne’s techniques to your next interview and nail it the first time!

Nail the Interview and Land Your Dream Job

Interactive Online Interviews

Receive a free initial consultation to address skills to improve and to get a better feel of how my input, observations and feedback will bolster your confidence and performance at your next interview.

Until you feel comfortable

Sit down face-to-face (screen-to-screen) via Skype™ and practice your interview. Receive suggestions for improvements with explanations. Then repeat the interview and incorporate what we have discussed until you feel comfortable.

Job seekers at any level

InterviewOne will cater to differing levels in the workforce: recent graduates, seasoned professionals, job seekers changing industries, and those in the market who are not receiving desired call backs.

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