Finding a Job that Fits You

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There is a lot of pressure to have a job lined up immediately after graduation, or at least shortly thereafter. At the same time, it’s important to find employment that is cohesive with your personal values, culture, and career goals. Fulfilling these categories can be difficult, but is doable. First, it’s important to locate the job opportunities in your career. Some states and cities, like California, New York, and Madison, WI, are friendly to international workers and have a wide variety of industries, start-ups, and other career options in the arts and sciences. Plan ahead throughout your time in school — be on the look out for local jobs and internships that might be relevant to your major and passion. Networking on campus and at events can be a valuable tool in landing your dream job. Professors and even friend’s parents can be great contacts to have, because they know you on a personal level.

Once you’ve honed in on a potential employer, do your research to make sure that the job culture aligns with your values — not just the job description on paper. You might find some quick information with a simple Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter search of your hiring manager or other people you might be working with. Don’t stop here though. In interviews, ask them about what working for the company is like, and how tight-knit the other employees are. No doubt you’ll be asked about your hobbies and other information that isn’t available on your resume — use this as an opportunity to turn the question back on your interviewer(s). Their reactions to your interests can be a good way to gauge inter-office relationships. By planning ahead, identifying relevant job markets, and doing proper research on potential employers you’ll be better equipped to find a job that aligns with you.

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