9 Great Questions To Ask At The End Of The Interview

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Trying to come up with applicable questions at the close of an interview is one of the tougher areas to prepare for.  Knowing why the questions are asked can help when making your list.  Your judgment on the choice of questions can be another area of evaluation for the interviewer. (No questions about salary or vacation for the first interview).  How pertinent and thoughtful are your questions?  If you are asking the question just to ask…..don’t ask it.

Before jumping to your prepared list of questions, ask for clarification on any topics or details that were discussed in the interview. Initiating questions about the position signifies you were listening and that you are interested enough to hone in on the details.  As for those follow-up questions, listed below are a few good examples:

    1. If I were to get the job, what would my first couple weeks look like?  What are the daily responsibilities of this position?
    2. What are the optimum qualities for someone to succeed in this position?
    3. Can you tell me a little bit about the team I’ll be working with?
    4. What are some challenges that come along with this position?
    5. Why is this an open position? Is it a vacancy or newly created?
    6. When can I expect to hear next steps?
    7. What are the normal working hours for this position?
    8. What are your policies regarding overtime, taking work home and working here or remotely after hours and on weekends?
    9. Do some research on the company.  Google it and look for recent articles in the news that you can refer to or ask about.  How many total offices?  Where are they headquartered?  Any new products in the pipeline?  Any reference to this type of information lets the interviewer know you are interested enough to take the time to find out more about your potential employer.
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