Interview One is an interactive, online service that provides one-on-one practice interviews and interview preparation.

Practice interviews and interview preparation will increase your confidence and help reduce your anxiety. Job interviews are notorious for causing anxiety. This nervousness can dull a candidate’s spark, causing one to stammer and overthink, or even forget crucial points.

Confident interviewing is a teachable skill! My name is Karen Tucker, Interview Coach and Creator of Interview One. Apply my techniques to your next interview, answer the interview questions with confidence and nail it the first time!

Interview Preparation - InterviewOne

Interview One Approach

InterviewOne was created to help the busy job seeker by arming them with tools and current information to increase their comfort level and overall confidence walking into a job interview. Utilizing technology that we all have access to (Wi-Fi and Laptop), candidates are able to schedule these sessions at a time and place that is convenient for them.

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There is nothing like a live interview to get you ready for the job. Nail it the first time!

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